Tuesday, August 30, 2005


MONDAY: A Day of Partners and Fast Runners

Another high-yield day in Kigali as we split up into teams to reaffirm our relationships with key partners AND interviewed 17 potential fast runners! Meanwhile we watch the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina on CNN and send our thoughts to the people back home.

We had great meetings with both UNIFEM and AVEGA with loads of next steps for each. Anne, Cari, Kate and Delilah were Bpeace and Rwanda Knits representatives.

Fantastic! This team means so much to these women. Keep uyp the great work. Love to all! Golde
Like a rocket into the unknown, now made all the clearer, thank you all for pioneering in Rwanda. I have found your enterprises on this trip one of the more illuminating happenings in a time of disenchantment. Regards to AK.
Mark S.
I'm just so damn proud of all of you. You may be in Rwanda, but it sounds like you're on New York time with all that you're accomplishing. I agree with Goldie, sounds like a country of fast runners. As for knitting, what are the chances of them creating dog coats? (How crazy would the Rwandans think that to be?)

Much love and admiration,
I've been catching up on all you have been accomplishing and I'm so impressed! I can only imagine how much all of you mean to these women.
Dan (Maureen's brother) oh- and Reen, the NYC Fire Department said that everything should clean up nicely with a bit of Mr. Clean and a sponge... but your clothes might be a bit stinky for a while.... : )
What an adventure! I can't wait for you to get home to share your accomplishments. Kathy g.
Dear team, I've been following your blog and wanted to congratulate all of you on your effort and willingness to situate yourself locally in order to assist these women in a global world. We're all inspired by you and the women you describe in your blogs :)
Hi you guys,

It's so exciting to hear about what you're doing and see the amazing photos. Know that there are many of us watching your progress and cheering you on. It's great how you are deepening your relationships with partners there. It's all about allies!
Your doing fantastic work,team. It is very exciting to see that we have so many fast runners. This should really give our mentoring program a great deal of motivation and purpose. I really look forward to learning more about each person and hearing about their stories and aspirations.

My thoughts are with you all.
Awesome work everyone. It is exciting to see that we are identifying so many potential fast runners. This will really give the mentoring program a shot of motivation!!! Marla - looks like we will need to recruit more mentors to go along with all of these fast runners. I can't wait to learn more about them, hear their stories and understand their aspirations.
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