Sunday, August 28, 2005


Rwamagana Knitters

Bpeace member and FACED founder Cari Clement instructed the women in new techniques that will help them produce more sophisticated products that will hopefully allow them to earn more money for each item they produce. After a quick FANTA break and with the new cording machine that CARON provided, the design ideas started flowing, in particular headwear and sashes for the Rwandan dancers who perform at weddings. The women learned enough in two hours to keep them busy for weeks to come. The group knows they need to make their items unique so that they can earn more money and they want Bpeace to support them in that effort.

Thanks to Peter for the great pictures and great job to Cari for the enthusiam and passion she has for her work. We look forward to getting more markets for the sweaters, wedding and dance wear.
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