Sunday, August 21, 2005


Rwanda Through a Photographer's Eye

This past February Bpeacer and photographer Peter Lien visited Rwanda. We are delighted to present several of his photos here so you can orient yourself to this beautiful and sad land.

This August, Peter is also part of the Bpeace mission team and we look forward to sharing more of his photos with you in the days to come.

Well someone has to kick-off the postings so I will start.

It is such an honor to be traveling with Anne K and this fabulous team she has pulled together. A lot of road lies ahead and many memories.

Peter, you are charged with making us Bpeacers look as beautiful as the country you have so lovingly photographed. Glad you have arrived to Kigali safely ahead of us. I hope your luggage shows up soon . . .or we can get it for you on Saturday :)

To all the readers, please post! It's easy to sign up and it brings a little of home to us distant travelers.

Kate (or Catherine to my family)
Best wishes to you all with your great adventure and mission. The whole family is cheering for Anne and Jita, take a lot of pictures for us and be safe. We love ya all!
The Pool Man
Missing all of you, and hoping your travels and arrival went smoothly.

FAB weather in New York area yesterday and today. Ray and I are scheduled to pick-up "Mini" on Sunday.
Hi team. I'm so excited that you are on the ground and running. I know that you will have a successful mission and accomplish great things for all of us. Keep the info coming. Love to all.
Maureen, I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the work and adventure. We're thinking of you and your team and can't wait to hear more about what you are seeing and doing. Travel safe and keep us posted when you have a free moment. All our love from home.
Glad to know you all arrived safely. Wishing you all a successful and memorable time in Rwanda. Annie, take loads of pictures (of flowers, too)!
Can't wait to see you in VT and hear all about your venture.
I'm absolutely "blown away" after seeing the photographs and reading your update. I can't believe my eyes - you've done so much in such a short period of time. We're all behind you and thinking of you. Love to all, Golde.
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