Wednesday, August 31, 2005


TUESDAY: Sweet and Savory

Photo © Peter Lien 2005

Weather in Kigali has been spectacular and this was one of the best so far. Bright sun, low humidity. Flowers are blooming on walls of wealthier compounds as well as in the yards of poor offices and homes. The evening air was so lovely that following dinner at Chez Robert some of the group decided to walk back to the hotel. It was a good walk after days of eating Rwandan food and no exercise but some of us bloggers are now regretting the later time! What were we thinking?

Some of our readers have asked about Rwandan food. It is quite good, a mixture of African tradition and French influence. Great sauces are a constant. The goat stew and savory “bananas” are excellent and the baked goods wonderful. This Sunday the group has been invited to the homes of two different Rwandans for an evening of traditional food. We cannot wait.

Tuesday was probably our busiest day to date. Meetings and knitting sessions brought a great deal of learning as well as special experiences for Bpeacers.

Marla , Ann, and Maureen began the day at Rwanda Private Sector Federation/On the Frontier, meeting with Doreen Kagarama and Info Communication Technology leader David Frenk (ICT is our version of IT). David wrote Rwanda’s 5 year technology plan for the government. Bpeacer’s goal was to learn about the future direction of the economic sector as we want to ensure we are future focused! This international consulting firm is working with the government to develop the product sector, in particular ICT. Another focus is ensuring that women are able to take their fair share of these emerging opportunities as new competitiveness is established. Coffee, tea, tourism and ICT were all discussed with a great deal of enthusiasm and a great deal of learning resulted.

Then the ladies headed to the Women’s Association of Entrepreneurs (AFER). The association will be a key resource for fast runners as it has over 1,000 members working in various fields. Indeed on Wednesday we will meet with 20 of them for fast runner interviews.

Fantastic meetings - everyone seems to be on the same page, a commitment to moving forward and building stronger lives. Keep the good news coming. Love to all, Golde.
Thanks for the food update!!!!

I am also so glad to see that the weather is cooperating (i am knocking on my head as i write this!). The last mission, as everyone knows, the group was cold and muddy the whole time. See, good kharma is happening!!
You're taking my breath away with all this productivity. And I am so excited about all the potential fast runners. I also hope you are all having a lot of laughs. And I'm with Steve, bring me back some chili's as well.

The only thing that concerns me is that Kate brought EMBROIDERY!!! Oh no, not more embroidery.

You guys are amazing!!!!!I am envisioning Rwandan fastrunners opening multinatinal businesses with Afghan fastrunners. Be safe and eat well. Can't wait to hear all the stories when you get back.
I am jealous now!!!! i wish more success for our team and Rwandan fastrunners, hope one day we all can meet each other some where in the world. Toni do you make any slogan for Rwanda fastrunners as you did for afghans (be afgan by afghan).

Laila A.
i am jealous now!!! i wish more success for our Bpeace team and Rwahdan fastrunners, hope both fastrunners can meet each other some where in the world. Toni do you have any slogan for Rwadan fastrunners as you had for Afghans (Be Afghan by Afghan)?.

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