Tuesday, August 30, 2005

While the meetings were going on Marla and Maureen were conducting fast runner interviews with members of the Association of Rwandanese Women’s Community for the Promotion of Business and Peace. Their ambitions for success are as long as their name. Kate joined them later that afternoon and 17 interviews were completed at a local restaurant. Marla and Maureen started the day with an introduction of Bpeace and 8 hours later several fast runners were identified! Once again we found women who are in diverse fields, including building supplies, transportation, retail, drink bottling, real estate, beauty and word processing services. We were struck by the talents of these women and how they balance significant personal and professional responsibilities which often combine husbands, children (including those of family members in this country of orphans) and secondary education which many continue to pursue. Their accomplishments, particularly as faced in this challenged country, made the Bpeacers feel like slackers.

After our long day we welcomed a relaxing dinner with Joy Ndungutse and Janet Nkubana of Gahaya Links, two joyful talented Rwandan women who develop and export product made by rural Rwandan women. We spent an incredible few hours together filled with spirited conversation regarding their business and the programs of Bpeace and Rwanda Knits. Both Joy and Janet will be in the U.S. this fall and we look forward to more time together.

Can we get a description of what the meal consisted of? And please feel free to get some recipes for me. I would not mind some of those Rwandan chilies to incorporate into some of my dishes (hint, hint!!!)
It looks like this is a country of "fast runners!" It's going to be a challenge to keep up with everyone - how exciting this is. Great job team! Love to all, Golde.
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