Thursday, September 01, 2005


Jita (in striped shirt) telling her story of being a hidden child during the Holocaust,
and Marla next to her.
Photo © Peter Lien 2005

Marla, Maureen, Jita and Kate spent the day interviewing 30 fast runners, all members of AFER. We were wowed by these women who also invited us to lunch. Jita made a special connection, sharing her own story of survivorship during the Holocaust in our morning introductions. It was a poignant moment. It was also an intense day for the interviewers who called on reserves of stamina. As the day progressed and stories were shared, the Bpeace team was moved by accounts of loss and hope as well as impressed by their ambition to carve out a new future. Sounds so trite to type and yet is a truth lived everyday here. Anne and Delilah jumped in later in the afternoon so we could get through the interviews while the sun still shone. Once again a number of fast runner candidates were identified.

Meanwhile Cari and Geoffrey visited the Rwanda Women's Network office and proceeded into the hills surrounding Kigali to see their crafts training center which provides training for women who are victims of gender violence, both from the genocide and after. The visit ended with Cari meeting the future recipients of the 40 knitting machines and all of them dancing together doing traditional Rwandan dance.

I'm so glad that Jita was able to share her story of being a hidden child. She has been my inspiration for my entire life and I know how much being in Rwanda means to her. Sharing stories of survival transcends cultures, gender and age. I salute you team for listening and thereby empowering our Rwandan friends to go on and lead successful lives. Love to all, Golde.
The joy and spirit of these ladies just "jumps" through the pictures. Given their experiences and challenges, they are a lesson for us all. Beautiful pictures Peter - thanks. Keep it going team - our thoughts and good energy are coming your way!!
Peter - thanks for this photo - you really captured the moment. See you at the next meeting. Golde.
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