Thursday, September 01, 2005

Peter was off to the outskirts of Butare with Anette Karenzi, the director of Africa 2000 Network, to visit BUHOZANYE, an association of Genocide Widows with more than
600 members. Their center has space for Cari’s knitting machines as well as electricity for ironing and finishing.

We use every moment here including the evenings. Elizabeth Powley from Women Waging Peace met the group for dinner at the hotel. Quick update from last night’s meetings…Marla and Anne talked with Gerald Mpyisi, formerly of AED and now head of Business Community Solutions, who is building telecenters in rural areas – internet cafes where the average Rwandan can access the world.

I am very excited to hear about the idea of community business solutions, because this can be a vital resources in terms of training local business women and men in marketing and business management.Also the idea of internet cafe will assist local business people to share ideas with each other.
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