Thursday, September 01, 2005


Photos © Peter Lien 2005

This is the second day some lucky Bpeacers were welcomed with Rwandan dancing. Yesterday’s visit to AVVAIS began with a spirited welcome by the widows who are members of this organization .

Anne had a productive meeting with Peace Basemera, the Director of Commerce, and Justin Msengyuma, Secretary General of the Ministry of Commerce, during the morning. We have support from this ministry as they believe our “Fast Runner” approach is on target. The Secretary confirmed what we have been hearing from others --- coffee, tourism and crafts are key to Rwanda’s economic future. Next step: make Rwanda synonymous with quality products.

It's great to confirm that the team's approach is on target. I can't wait until you all return so that we can take all of this to the next level. Love to all, Golde.
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