Friday, September 02, 2005

The second agreement was made with the head of Department of Entrepreneur, Mr. Yahaya. His center works with KIST senior students in the development of their business plans. Kate and Anne reviewed some of this year’s projects which ranged from tele-centers to dairy farms. The quality of the plans was good so we were pleased when Mr. Yahaya agreed to offer business plan course for our program participants.

Our last stop at KIST was the Rwanda E-Documentation On-line Center (Write this URL down now Rwanda team: This project is committed to put on-line ANY and ALL information about Rwanda. And best yet, if they don’t have the answer to your question, they will research it! We told the Director that Bpeace would become their best customer.

While Anne and Kate were attending classes, Cari and Delilah attended to two meetings at RIPA and IESC while Marla and Maureen conducted more fast runner interviews visiting some of the businesses. (We will have updates on these meetings soon as soon as possible)

The acronym glossary is growing by leaps and bounds. Remember to write down the full names. Thanks. Golde.
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