Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Photo © Peter Lien 2005

Cari and Kate spent the morning at USAID while Peter took photos of the local neighborhood. This was an important meeting as USAID was the source of the Rwanda Knits grant. The goal of the meeting was to provide them an update on the project and introduce Bpeace to their new Team Leader Ryan Washburn. And of course, open the doors to more funding for Rwanda Knits. Mission accomplished. Ryan asked many great questions and has little patience for the bureaucracy which saturates these projects. He made several suggestions regarding future funding and we have offered to steer him to information sources in the area of craft business development.

There was a mid-morning regrouping at Duttiembierre with Anne, Kate, Cari, Peter meeting with the head of this microfinancing organization. The organization, whose name means First Steps, was founded by New York women in the financial areas. We left with a potential source of funds for some of our knitting groups and connection to more significant money for our fast runners.

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